Season One Photoshoot and S1 Custom Selection

Season One Photoshoot and S1 Custom Selection

October has been a crazy month. While it's typically our slowest retail month, we are still busy with custom sales. This 2017, we released our lasted iteration, Corbah's Season 1 Collection. On the retail side, we released 7 full kits (bibs and jerseys).

The jerseys will fit nicely in our collection as our middle-high tier top. The front portion and sleeves feature our high end Luxe 135 Gsm fabric. This farbric is stretchy like lycra but has superior breathability. The elastic properties in this jersey coupled with our power arm grippers give you an aero advantage on the bike. The beauty of a stretchy and breathable fabric is that it is form fitting but wont constrict in any way. This means now flapping in the wind when you're riding fast in a group or alone and your limbs wont be constricted. On the rear of the jersey, we used a slightly different fabric. Our goal with this was to keep the jersey breathable but not make the fabric so light that the rider will have sun protection issues. We used an italian fabric that is about 15% lighter on the rear and has great sun protecting properties. All our Season One jerseys come standard with 3 rear pockets + a zippered hidden pocket for valuables, a full hidden zipper, silicone waist gripper to ensure the jersey stays flat against your body, and our Forza Silicone Injected gripper.

Our Season One bibs are right on par with the jerseys. The fabric is imported straight from Miti in Italy. Some customers already have stated to us that these bibs at a price of $149.99 are right on par with something you'll get for $200-300. We wouldn't feel comfortable making a statement like that unless I believed it to be true. I think this is because we went optimized the bibs for performance per dollar. Once you're on the bike, you're not going to care if your bibs shipped in a fancy cardboard box with a million hang tags and a 45 page instruction manual on how to wear some shorts. What you're going to care about at the end of your next century is how well the fabric provided support and compression, how the different types of stitching provided elasticity and durability, how the leg gripper gently gripped your quad vs constricting it, the kind of sun protection the fabric afforded and most importantly, how the chamois performed after being abused for a day. We've been in this game for almost 10 years now and with every kit we create, we address all these issues in the most value-effective manner possible.

We're currently finalizing our latest S1 customer tier 



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