Florida Teen, Javier Lopez Arrested During Bike ride in Oveido, Florida

Here are some things we know about this event:

  • Javier Lopez is charged with a Felony
  • Two cyclists were participating in a group ride
  • The two cyclists included Javier Lopez were in a breakaway
  • Javier Lopez's bond was $8,500
  • The police officer asked Lopez if had any weapons
  • Two cyclists are seen in the video not stopping at the stop sign
  • The officer claims that one of the cyclists turned his head around after he yelled to stop
  • Lopez was in the jail for 7+ hours



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Go fund me link in bio- On this morning’s group ride, something unusual happened. My son and another teenage rider, Javier Lopez, were pulled over by a Seminole County Sheriff, and Javier Lopez was arrested for “resisting arrest”. The teens had been off the front of the group in a breakaway for approx. the last 20 mins and were holding a 25 sec gap. When they approached the left hand turn that would put them onto Florida Ave, my son stopped and Javier slowed and proceeded to roll through. They then proceeded to kick back up to speed as they were trying to maintain their breakaway gap. This is when the Sheriff, who was on the other side of the turn, took off in pursuit to pull them over. The rest of the group came to a stop then we all proceeded to continue chasing them. Approximately 25 sec later we came up on the teens on the side of the road, Javier already in handcuffs and my son asking why his friend was being arrested. The sheriff said “why didn’t he stop? I told him to stop.” My son replied, “we did stop as soon as we realized that you were trying to pull us over.” The sheriff insisted that he had yelled at them at the stop sign and that Javier was, in essence, “fleeing the sight of the traffic violation.” Although the group of cyclist tried to explain the situation, the sheriff said, “Today’s not the day for a road side jury.” They took Javier away, arrested him, and he is currently being detained in a jail cell. His bail is set at $8500 and he will probably spend the night in jail unless...

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