The Definitive Guide to Cycling Shorts

The Definitive Guide to Cycling Shorts

Do cycling shorts make a difference?

Yes, they do. Cycling shorts are far superior to any other type of shorts.

Why do people wear bicycle shorts?

Cycling shorts have certain advantages over regular shorts. The material they are made of is superior and more durable. They wick sweat better. They fit better. They are more comfortable. They are more aerodynamic.

What are the best biking shorts?

We personally think that the equipe bike shorts by Corbah are some of the best out there.

Do you wear anything under cycling shorts?

No, you don't wear anything under bike shorts. They're meant to fit against the skin.

Do you wash your bike shorts after every ride?

Yes, you wash after every ride.

What can I wear instead of bike shorts?

Some people opt to wear something like Gym Shorts over their bike shorts. But the best substitute for bike shorts would be as little fabric as possible. Fabric does very little for you. Even running shorts are as light as possible.

Why are cycling shorts black?

Cycling shorts are black because black is the most opaque in the direct sun. Black shorts are typically made from pre-dyed fabric.

Why do cyclists wear tight shorts?

Tight shorts are more comfortable and more aerodynamic at high speeds.

Can you wear cycling shorts under jeans?

Yes, you can.

How tight should bike shorts be?

There is a new trend in cycling shorts for them to be like compression gear. That's fine. They can be tight. But not so tight that they cut off circulation. They should not fit loose, however.

Are bike shorts good for walking?

They can be. I've seen people walk in bike shorts. I've seen people do yoga in bike shorts. Personally, I wouldn't do either in bike shorts.

Why do cyclists wear bib shorts?

Bib shorts are superior to bike shorts, in my opinion. They are more comfortable. And they don't have elastic around the waist.

Are cycling shorts or bibs better?

Bib shorts are superior. Just look at the pro peloton. Everyone wears bib shorts for a reason.

Are bike bibs worth it?

Yes, bike bibs are worth it. They offer several advantages over regular shorts or even high-end cycling shorts.

How tight should cycling bib shorts be?

They should fit comfortably against the skin.

Should I wear underpants under cycling shorts?

I wore underpants once under my bike shorts and was made fun of by 20 nerds for 2 hours, up to you.

Do you wear anything under bib shorts?

No. Nothing.

What is the difference between bike shorts and cycling shorts?

Bike shorts and cycling shorts are the same things. No difference.

Why do bikers wear tight shorts?

Tight shorts are better at high speed. They are more aerodynamic and wick sweat better.

Do you wear cycling tights over cycling shorts?

I've never worn Tights WITH cycling shorts. Perhaps leg warmers, but not tights.

How do I stop my butt from hurting after cycling?

One thing I've done to stop butt pain is to put my saddle down 1 millimeter at a time. Usually, my butt hurts when my saddle is too high. A high saddle puts excess pressure on your butt.

Do you wash your bike shorts after every ride?

Yes, wash after every ride.

Do you wear shorts over bike bibs?


Do you wear a shirt under cycling bibs?

The only thing I would consider wearing under-bib shorts is a base layer or, if you're a female, some sort of chest support.

Can you wear cycling shorts under jeans?

You sure can. Is it ideal? No.


Do cyclists shave their pubic hair?

Some do. Some don't. Some trim.

What are the pockets for on the back of a cycling jersey?

The pockets on the back of a cycling jersey are usually used to hold food, gels, extra water bottle, cell phone, bike pumps, tubes, CO2 cartridge, or many other possible things. The pockets are used like any other pocket to hold stuff.

How do you wear cycling bibs?

Cycling bibs are typically the first piece of kit you put on. You put your bibs on, and if you want to wear a base layer, put that on before putting your arms through the bib straps.

Do you wear anything under a cycling jersey?

The only thing under your cycling jersey is possibly your short bib straps.

How do you carry your stuff when cycling?

While cycling, you can carry things in several ways. You can get a top tube bag, and you can get a handlebar bag, you can get a bag under your saddle, and you can put things in your jersey pockets. For larger items like a spare tire, some people fasten those to the back of their bicycle seat post.

How do you carry your phone while cycling?

I've always carried my phone in my back jersey pocket.

How long should it take to ride a bike in 1 mile?

I think my fastest 1 mile ever is just under 2 minutes. If you're riding leisurely, you could double that time or even more. Just depends.

Do cyclists wear cups?

I've never heard of a cyclist wearing a cup. Some bicycle chamois offer similar but not equal protection.

Do female cyclists wear bras?

Yes, they can. Some do.

What should you not wear when cycling?

I would avoid any cotton or unnecessary layers.

How do I stop my groin from hurting when cycling?

You need to see a special bike fitter if you're having groin pain. Or even consult a doctor. It is not normal.

Do padded bike shorts really help?

Yes, I would never consider cycling without padded shorts.

Do you wear a base layer under bibs?

Yes, your base layer goes under your bib shorts.

Are cycling base layers worth it?

Yes, and also, corbah has a great base layer for sale.


Do cycling clothes make a difference?

Not only do cycling clothes make a huge difference on a per-user basis, but they are also cheaper than using your gym clothes or gym shirt and destroying those with repeated use.

How long do bicycle shorts last?

I've had bicycle shorts last years and years with repeated use. If they don't last at least one season, they were made cheaply.

How do you dry cycling shorts quickly?

Your best bet is going to be to hang out in the sunlight. A breezy, sunny afternoon should dry your shorts in under an hour. And the sun will also kill a lot of bacteria. If that's not available, the key would be to hang. They are in a place with lots of airflow. And if that isn't available, you can take two towels, and place one flat on the ground. Lay the bib shorts flat on the towel. Then place another towel over top and toll all three layers up like a burrito. Make it as tight as possible. And then unroll your cycling shorts burrito, flip the towels over, and repeat. This should extract a lot of moisture but won't get it all.


How should I store my cycling clothes?

Store your bike clothing in a cool dry place.

Will my bum get used to cycling?

Most peoples bums get used to cycling.

How long do bicycle shorts last?

They should last at least a year if they're made to any standard.

Do you wear shorts over bike shorts?

Your typical bike short is not meant to be worn this way.

What helps with soreness from cycling?

In my experience, the best remedy for soreness from cycling is very low-intensity exercise, like a walk. Or a massage.

Do you wear compression shorts under bike shorts?


Do you wear a shirt under cycling bibs?

You do not typically wear shirts under your bibs. However, I have worn a base layer under my bib straps.

What are chamois bike shorts?

Chamois are the pads that protect your rear end that is sewn into bib shorts.

Are cycling vests worth it?

I love my cycling vest. It's my most versatile piece of kit.

Why do your legs feel heavy after cycling?

This could be due to a medical condition, and you need to consult a doctor. However, when I would ride 100+ miles with friends, we would usually stop around mile 60 for a snack and drink. We would intentionally keep this rest stop short so that our legs wouldn't feel fatigued. You're breaking down muscle when your cycling, so you need to make sure you're not letting crap build up too much in your legs. You need to rest and recover them. 

Should I ride my bike if my legs are sore?

Consult a doctor, but when my legs are sore, I usually do a 1-hour bike ride to get get my heart pumping and blood circulating. I do this at a very slow speed. Maybe 12-15 miles per hour.

Is Vaseline good for cycling?

This might sound funny, but in the winter, I would apply a nice thin coat of Vaseline on my legs and arms to help hold in the heat. I found that Vaseline is great for trapping the heat. You can also apply some to your lower back and rear end in order to protect against spray for your wheels. It's a great weather sealant.

Can you use Vaseline instead of chamois cream?

This is not a recommendation I would make.

Is chamois cream necessary?

I find it necessary for me personally. But not for all.

Why do cyclists wear arm warmers?

Cyclists wear arm warmers to keep their arms warm but also have the option to remove the arm warmers when the temperature or pace rises, and their body no longer requires the additional warmth.

Why do cyclists wear leg warmers?

Cyclists wear leg warmers to keep their legs warm but also have the option to remove the leg warmers when the temperature or pace rises, and their body no longer requires the additional warmth.

What happens if I cycle every day?

You will get in shape most likely. No guarantees. No refunds.

Is cycling good for weight loss?

Yeah, most people will lose weight from cycling. It's low impact and can even burn muscle.

What do you call shorts that go below the knee?

Bike shorts that go below the knee are called Bib Knickers.

Do bike shorts really help?

Yes, bike shorts help a lot!

Do you wear shorts over bike shorts?

Not usually, but you can.

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