Everything you need to know about Cycling Kit

Everything you need to know about Cycling Kit

What kit do I need for cycling?


When I was racing regularly, I remember the final check loading my car up to go to the race was as follows and in this order of importance:

  • Helmet
  • Bike
  • Shoes
  • Jersey and Bib Shorts
  • Water bottle with water
  • Bike computer
  • small snack

In my opinion, if you're going to do a hard ride, that is the bare minimum you need to have. Everything above that is a nice-to-have.


What is cycling gear?

Cycling gear is just a phrase that cyclists use to describe their stuff. Without the gear, you can't go cycling.



What is a cycling pack called?

Those cycling packs you see people wearing are typically something like a camel pack. It's filled with water. Or some other sports drink.


What is special about cycling shorts?

Cycling shorts are form fitting to prevent two main problems. Problem #1 is chaffing. Problem #2 is the flapping in the wind. If you wear regular shorts, they will absolutely come apart faster than a nice set of cycling shorts. Also, cycling shorts will be more comfortable.


Do I have to wear cycling clothes?

You don't have to do anything. But if you want people to take you seriously and not look at you like a liability, you need to take cycling seriously. Cycling can be really, really dangerous if the person you're riding with isn't taking it seriously. It's a group sport where everyone's safety is dependent upon one another.


Why do you need cycling shoes?

Cycling shoes are one of the most important pieces of kit. Several reasons make them important. Regular shoes will wear out faster. Cycling Shoes will allow you to Clip-in which gives you the ability to engage many more muscle groups and extend your endurance and increase your power.


What should you not wear when cycling?

Cotton or anything cotton based. Cotton is not a great fabric for cycling. It is also not a great fabric for the new york Yankees uniforms.


Are cycling shorts necessary?

If you are doing frequent long rides, yes, they're pretty essential.

Can I wear shorts over cycling shorts?

I've done it before. I've worn shorts as undergarment underpants or something like that when I was commuting by bike to work.


Do you wear pants under cycling shorts?

No, you wear nothing under cycling shorts. Cycling shorts are supposed to fit tight against the skin, like a glove!


Why do cyclists wear tight clothes?

The number one reason cyclists wear tight clothes is the aerodynamic advantage. They also hold up to the elements better. They wick sweat better. And generally are easy to clean, wash, and don't stink after a few rides like a cotton shirt might.


Can I swim in bike shorts?

Corban makes triathlon apparel and cycling apparel. The main difference between a cycling skinsuit and a tri-suit is the chamois. The chamois is thinner for triathlon and will not soak up the water as bike shorts will.

What is long-distance cycling called?

There are several different types of long-distance cycling. Some may call it Endurance Riding. Some may call it a multi-day or 24-hour event. It depends on the specific event. There are also things called Braves. There are C2C rides in Florida that stand from coast to coast.


What does RP mean in cycling?

RPE is an old training metric before cycling computers were really popular. It means the Rate of Perceived Exertion. 

What does HD mean in cycling?

HD means Hors délai, which is French for "out of time." This is a designation for when a rider finishes after the allotted time and is eliminated from the competition.


How do you wear cycling pants?

Cycling pants are put on like any other set of pants, one leg at a time. You pull them up and make sure that the leg grippers are seated properly. If the leg grippers come down too close to your knee or are fitting over your quad loosely, you can fold them over one time or get them hemmed. 

What should I wear for cycling in summer?

You should wear light-colored clothing. You should cover your body to prevent the sun from damaging your skin.


Why do cyclists wear jerseys?

Cycling jerseys offer the following benefits over a regular cotton shirt:

  1. They don't get stinky after a few uses like a cotton shirt will
  2. They don't create an environment for bacteria to grow like a cotton shirt
  3. They often hold up to repeated use far better than a cotton shirt
  4.  They offer zippers and pockets to make changing and carrying things easier.

Is cycling good for depression?


I cannot speak for everyone, but cycling for me has improved my mood. Cycling gives you a good thing to focus on. It's fun. It is good to take out your stress.


Are 30 minutes of cycling a day enough?


Many sedentary people will see great improvements by cycling 30 minutes per day. That's 3.5 hours per week. I think that you could get the performance of a category five bike racer with 30-60 minutes of hard work per day. I've tested it before, and I've seen great improvements when mixing weight lifting in with it as well. My opinion was that if you're not doing huge volume, your body has tons of reserves left for recovery and repair. You're not depleting all your vitamins and minerals, and your body is in a happy state.


Does cycling improve memory?

It's well known that cycling improves blood flow. I assume that it has many cognitive benefits.

Is cycling good for body shape?

In my opinion, cycling will not give you a traditionally well-sculpted body. In fact, my years of cycling have left my quads over-developed and my arms underdeveloped.

Do cyclists shave their pubic hair?

I've never heard of this being a requirement for cycling. I'm sure some do, and some don't.

What is a cycling top called?

There are several types of cycling tops. You have base layers, and you have short sleeve jerseys, long sleeve jerseys, and sleeveless jerseys.

How hot is it too hot for cycling?

You can't look at temperature alone. Humidity can hurt your body's ability to regulate temperature with sweat. So humidity and the sun play roles in how your body handles the heat.

How can I look cool on my bike?

My guide is as follows.

  1. Match your top and bottom with your local race team kit.
  2. Wear clean white shoe covers and white shoes.
  3. Wear socks that extend to about 1" below the large muscle on your calf and extend out of your shoe covers
  4. Your bicycle saddle and handlebar tape should be new and white.
  5. Your drivetrain should be clean. No dirt on the cassette.
  6. Your legs should be glistening with a fine peppermint oil
  7. Bears are allowed if they are freshly trimmed
  8. Your body fat should be in the 4-8% range.

This is how you look cool on a bike. Whether or not this is smart or a good way to cycle is a different discussion.

What do female cyclists wear?

The same thing as men, but the female versions.


Do you have to wear padded shorts for cycling?

Padded shorts will be far more comfortable than any other type of shorts.

Can you wear tights under cycling shorts?

When you see people with what looks like tights coming out of their bike shorts, those are usually just Leg Warmers, and they do not go all the way up to the crotch.

What does DNF mean in cycling?

DNF means Did Not Finish.

What are two people riding a bike called?

Two people riding one bike is called Tandem Cycling.

What does grinding mean in cycling?

Grinding is when you're cycling and spinning your legs under about 60 RPM. You are gear grinding at that pace.

What cadence should I spin at?

Many studies show that cycling between 80-90 RPM is the most efficient. You can spin faster when you're racing so that you can keep your torque up on the rear wheels.

What is a good spinning speed?

Anywhere between 80-100 is good. It will depend on the situation. Sometimes I like spinning under 80RPM just to switch it up. There are no hard and fast rules.

What is a good distance to cycle?

Depends on the terrain. A 10-mile ride can be a very hard workout if it's very inclined.

What is a good cycling distance for beginners?

Distance is not relevant. Thinking "what is a good distance" is a beginner thought. Distance means very little.

How many km can you ride in a day?

The most I've ever ridden is 150 Miles or 241 KM in a day. That was quite difficult.

Do you wash your bike shorts after every ride?

I do. I wash my shorts after every ride.

Why are bike shorts so long?

After 10+ years of selling bicycle clothing online, the number one reason I've encountered for people's shorts being too long is that they have a weight that isn't proportionate to their height. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. We only have six different sizes, and some body types are more difficult than others to size. My advice to anyone who feels like their shorts are too long is to have them altered by a tailor or seamstress.


Why do cyclists shave their legs?

To show off their muscles better. After many years of pondering this, it's really just that. It makes your legs look more muscular.

Why do cyclists wear long socks?

It makes their legs look better and not as skinny.

Can you ride a bike with jeans?

There's nothing physically preventing you from biking in jeans; however, it is not ideal. I would not recommend it.

Why do cyclists wear gloves?

Cyclists wear gloves for two reasons primarily.

  1. Sun protection as the back of the hands get a lot of suns
  2. Crash damage protection. If you crash, your hands can get really messed up.


How do I know what size cycling shorts to buy?

Trial and error

How tight should bike shorts be?

There has been a recent trend in bike shorts to fit more like a girdle and suck in your fat. In my opinion, cycling shorts should fit skin tight and no more tight than that.

Why do cyclists wear black shorts?

Black is the most opaque color for cycling shorts. When it comes to manufacturing, any other non-pre-dyed fabric besides black is going to be somewhat see-thru.

Can I bike in gym shorts?

I sometimes cycle in gym shorts, but I don't find it comfortable.

Do cycling clothes make a difference?

To me personally, sometimes it feels like a solid 20% difference in my cycling speed and definitely way more comfortable for long distances.

You might look at cycling clothing as expensive but understand this, from an economic perspective, a cycling kit that lasts four times longer than your standard gym outfit is going to be far cheaper on a per-use basis than anything else.

Can you ride a road bike without shorts?

Sure, you can. You can also mow the lawn without pants. But what would you?

Do cyclists wear cups?

I've never heard of a cyclist wearing a cup.

What kind of shoes should I wear for cycling?

I prefer specialized bike shoes.

Can you walk in cycling shoes?

In road shoes, I would advise against walking. In mountain bike shoes, I think walking short distances is okay.

Are cycling shoes worth buying?

Buying cycling shoes changed my whole idea of cycling when I first bought my first pair in 2008.

What should you not wear when cycling?

Avoid cotton. Avoid loose-fitting clothing. Underwear is not needed if wearing proper bike shorts.

What are cycling clothes called?

Cyclists call their clothing Kit.

Do cycling shoes make you faster?

Cycling shoes allow you to engage more muscle groups and therefore go faster.


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