What is the hardest stage of the tour de france?

The Tour de France is considered one of the most challenging and grueling sporting events in the world, and many of its stages are considered extremely difficult. Different stages can be considered difficult for different reasons, such as long distance, steep climbs, or difficult weather conditions. Some of the most challenging stages in the Tour de France include: The "Queen stage" or the stage with the highest elevation, often in the mountain ranges, like the Tourmalet, the Galibier, the Alpe d'Huez, the Ventoux. Time trials, they are shorter than the road stages, but they put a lot of pressure on the riders as they race alone against the clock. The "classics" stages, like Paris-Roubaix or the cobblestone stages, which are known for their rough terrain and unpredictable weather. The final week of the Tour de France, which features several difficult mountain stages and a time trial, is often considered the most challenging and grueling part of the race. It's important to note that the Tour de France route is different every year, and some years the route can be more challenging than others. Therefore, it's hard to say which stage is the hardest one, it depends on the route and the weather conditions of that specific year.
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