The Tour of the Southern Highlands: A Comprehensive Guide to Georgia's Challenging Road Race

Welcome to The Tour of the Southern Highlands: A Comprehensive Guide to Georgia's Challenging Road Race

Greetings fellow cyclist! Are you ready to take on one of Georgia's most challenging road races? If so, then you've come to the right place! Welcome to The Tour of the Southern Highlands: A Comprehensive Guide to Georgia's Challenging Road Race. In this blog post, you'll learn all you need to know about the Tour of the Southern Highlands.

The Tour of the Southern Highlands is a 230-mile long road race that takes place in north-central Georgia. It starts in the city of Dalton and winds its way through the Appalachian Mountains before finishing in the town of Gainesville. The route is renowned for its demanding terrain, with cyclists having to tackle steep climbs, sharp descents, and long stretches of flat riding. It's a truly unforgettable journey, and those who take on the challenge are rewarded with stunning views of the Georgia countryside.

It's a race that requires a great deal of physical and mental preparation. That's why we've put together this blog post to provide you with all the information you need to make the most out of your Tour of the Southern Highlands experience. We'll cover topics such as training, nutrition, equipment, and more. So, if you're ready to take on the challenge, then let's get started!

A Comprehensive Guide to the Tour of the Southern Highlands: A Challenging Road Race in Georgia

What is the Tour of the Southern Highlands?

The Tour of the Southern Highlands is an annual cycling event that takes place in the spring and is held in Georgia. It is one of the state's most challenging road races, and it has been going strong for more than 10 years. The event consists of several stages, known as "rides", that range from flat, easy terrain to hilly, technical courses. Riders are tested on their endurance, strength, and determination as they make their way up and down the hills throughout the week-long event. Each ride provides a unique, challenging experience and offers a great way to really test your fitness level.

Race Details

The Tour of the Southern Highlands is open to cyclists of all ages and abilities. The event is divided into different levels and categories based on the difficulty of the terrain and the number of miles ridden. The longer, more difficult rides are for those who are more experienced and have a higher level of fitness. The shorter, easier rides are designed for those who are just beginning their cycling journey or are looking for a more relaxed experience. The race takes place over the course of seven days, with each day having its own unique ride. The rides vary in length from 10-50 miles and consist of a variety of terrain, including paved roads, gravel roads, and off-road trails. Riders are also tested on their skills and knowledge as they navigate their way through the course. The event is fully supported and provides riders with access to food, water, and medical services throughout the race.

Registration and Costs

Registration for the Tour of the Southern Highlands is open to everyone and the cost to participate is based on the individual's level of experience and ability. Beginners can expect to pay around $100 for the full week of rides, whereas more experienced riders may pay up to $200. The registration fee covers entry into the race, access to the race's amenities, and a full-service support crew. Riders are also guaranteed a finisher's medal and a souvenir t-shirt. Those who choose to participate in the entire race will also receive a commemorative trophy.

Training for the Event

The Tour of the Southern Highlands is an incredibly challenging event, and it is important that riders prepare properly. Riders should make sure to train at least three times a week, focusing on endurance and strength building. It is also important to ensure that riders are properly hydrated and have the necessary supplies to complete the race. In addition to physical training, riders should also familiarize themselves with the course and its terrain. Knowing the terrain ahead of time can help riders plan their strategy and avoid any potential surprises.


The Tour of the Southern Highlands is a challenging and rewarding event that has become a staple of the cycling community in Georgia. It is a great opportunity for riders of all levels to test themselves and push their limits. With proper training and preparation, any rider can find success on the course and make it to the finish line with a medal around their neck. The Tour of the Southern Highlands is a challenging, yet rewarding road race for cyclists of all levels. While the course is difficult and will test the physical and mental stamina of any cyclist, the beauty, history, and culture of the region make this race an unforgettable experience. The terrain is diverse, ranging from flat farmlands to steep hills and winding roads. The local culture and food in the region are unique and provide a unique experience for anyone who takes part in the race. For those seeking a challenging and rewarding experience on two wheels, the Tour of the Southern Highlands is an adventure that should not be missed. The combination of physical challenge, stunning views, cultural experiences and delicious food makes this cycling event a worthy pursuit. Whether you are a veteran cyclist or just starting out, there is something for everyone on this incredible ride. So lace up your shoes, fill up your water bottles, and get ready to take on the Tour of the Southern Highlands.
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