Eklutna Lake Rd Climb Strava Segment located in Palmer AK with 2% climb grade for 8.0 miles

Eklutna Lake Rd Climb Segment in Palmer, AK

The Eklutna Lake Rd Climb is a popular cycling route in Palmer, AK. The climb is 2.3 kilometers long with an average grade of 8.0%. The elevation difference is 182.4 meters. The route is popular with cyclists because of the challenging climb and the scenic views. The route is also popular with runners and hikers.

Eklutna Lake Rd Climb Segment Overview

The Eklutna Lake Rd Climb is a popular segment located in Palmer, AK. It has a climb category of 2, an average grade of 8.0%, a distance of 2293.2 meters, and an elevation difference of 182.4 meters. Many cyclists enjoy this segment because of its challenging grade and distance. The views of Eklutna Lake and the Chugach Mountains are also stunning.

Tips for Cycling the Eklutna Lake Rd Climb

If you're planning on cycling the Eklutna Lake Rd Climb, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the grade can be challenging, so make sure you're prepared for a workout. Second, the distance is also significant, so be sure to pace yourself. Finally, the scenery is beautiful but can be distracting, so be sure to stay focused on the road.

Eklutna Lake Rd Climb Strava Segment

If you're looking for more information about the Eklutna Lake Rd Climb, or want to see how you stack up against other cyclists, be sure to check out the Strava segment. You can find the segment here: https://www.strava.com/segments/17584514 Happy cycling!

The Eklutna Lake Rd Climb is a great way to get some climbing practice in while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Palmer, AK. The climb category is 2, so it's not too difficult, but the 8.0% average grade will still give you a good workout. The 2293.2 meter distance is just long enough to give you a good challenge, and the 182.4 meter elevation difference is enough to make it interesting without being too daunting. Overall, it's a great segment for a beginner to intermediate climber.

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