Chiniak Hwy Climb Strava Segment located in Kodiak AK with 1% climb grade for 3.4 miles

Kodiak, AK - Chiniak Hwy Climb Segment

The Chiniak Hwy Climb segment in Kodiak, AK is a popular route for cyclists looking for a challenge. The climb category is 1, with an average grade of 3.4%. The distance is 2485.6 meters, and the elevation difference is 86.7 meters. This route is sure to test your endurance and skills!

Kodiak's Chiniak Highway Climb is a Must-Do for Road Bikers

If you're a road cyclist looking for a challenging but rewarding ride, look no further than the Chiniak Highway Climb on Kodiak Island in Alaska. This 2485.6-meter climb has an average grade of 3.4% and an elevation difference of 86.7 meters. While it may not be the longest or steepest climb out there, it's definitely one of the most scenic, with beautiful views of the ocean and mountains the whole way up. And because it's located in Alaska, you can be sure that there are no crowds to deal with – you'll have the road all to yourself!

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to test your mettle, the Chiniak Highway Climb is a great ride for anyone who loves a good challenge. So if you find yourself on Kodiak Island, be sure to add this climb to your must-do list.

The Chiniak Hwy Climb is a great segment for anyone looking for a challenge. It has a climb category of 1, an average grade of 3.4%, a distance of 2485.6 meters, and an elevation difference of 86.7 meters. This segment is sure to test your mettle and push you to your limits. So come on out and give it a try!

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