Everything You Need To Know About Cycling Jerseys

Everything You Need To Know About Cycling Jerseys

How Do I Choose A Cycling Jersey?

I would recommend that you find a reputable manufacturer like Corbah and select a full zipper cycling jersey. The type of jersey you want is going to depend greatly on the climate and when you’re riding. If you are riding in a cool climate, think about a long sleeve jersey. Think about a more thin and short-sleeved jersey if you’re riding in a warmer climate.

What is a cyclist jersey called?

A cyclist’s jersey is called a “cycling jersey.” Many people refer to it as a piece of “kit” or as having a nice kit. This comes from older euro slang.


Does a cycling jersey make a difference?

The difference cycling jerseys make is that the jerseys can provide superior moisture wicking of sweat, they won't get “soaked” like a shirt, and they also provide enhanced UV protection.

Do you wear anything under a cycling jersey?

I typically don’t, but if it’s cold, you can wear something called a Base Layer, or if you’re a lady, you can wear a sports bra. Obviously, if you’re wearing bib shorts, the straps go under.

Do you wear a bra under your jersey?
You can, but it isn’t mandatory. It’s good to have something that fits right under your jersey, like a glove.

Should cycling jerseys fit tight?
This is a source of contention for some. I prefer form-fitting but not tight. It’s my opinion that tight-fitting jerseys hinder performance by constricting breathing.

What should you not wear when cycling?
I would probably recommend not wearing low-visibility clothing if you’re on the street.

Why are cycling shorts Black?
Cycling shorts are black because it’s the least-see-thru color. Everything can be see-thru, but black is typically the least see-thru. Also, there are many options for pre-dyed black fabric used in bibs as opposed to sublimate.

Do you wear anything over bike shorts?
No. They are typically your outer layer.

Do you wear anything under bike shorts?
I remember getting yelled at. The first time I work bib shorts, and I had underwear underneath. It was also very annoying to have a layer under bib shorts. This was over 15 years ago now.

How tight should bib shorts be?
New bib shorts kind of fit like a girdle. It’s funny to see. So it really depends on the rider and your preference.

How do I make my bike seat not hurt?
Proper saddle HEIGHT is key. If your saddle is too high, you’ll be creating unnecessary contact pressure. Get a good set of bicycling shorts and think about investing in some chamois cream.

Does your bum get used to cycling?
Yes, it takes some time to develop what people call a “hard bum.” But it does come eventually.

What is the Green Jersey in the Vuelta a Espana?
That’s the points jersey. It is the award to the winner of the points classification.

Why are cycling jerseys so short?
Typically they are short due to the manufacturer not making them right. If you go too long, then it can cover up an important sponsorship place on the rear lower back of the shorts.

What are cycling jerseys made of?
They’re made of many different things from wool to polyester.

How much of a difference does a cycling jersey make?
From 0 – 12 percent. This will depend greatly on the speed you’re going and what you’re comparing it to.

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