Do bib short straps go under or over the jersey?

Do bib short straps go under or over the jersey?

Bib Short Straps go under the jersey.

We actually get this question quite often. While there are some garments that can go under the bibs short straps, they are quite limited. For example, our Corbah Base Layer is meant to be worn under your bib short straps. In most cases, that is it. The layering sequence goes:

  1. Base Layer
  2. Leg/Knee warmers
  3. Bib Shorts
  4. Arm Warmers
  5. Jersey
  6. Jacket

Base layers go on under the bibs mostly for style points and aero. Nothing says newb quite like a base layer sticking out of a jersey.

We recommend putting the knee and leg warmers on before the bibs because the silicone grippers used in those items are meant to go against the skin. If you've ever had a set of knee or leg warmers fall down to your ankles on a ride, you'll know what we mean.

For arm warmers, the sequence you put those on will not matter too much with regard to the bibs, but it's definitely better to put them on before your jersey. This will score you bonus style points and the grippers will grip your skin better than the fabric of a jersey.

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