How will the Altitude in Medellin Colombia Affect my Cycling

In today's blog, I want to talk a little bit about how the elevation in Medellin Colombia will affect your performance on the bicycle.

First of all, it will impact you if you haven't been living over 2000 feet for a period of time before. There is no question and you will not be immune to the reduction in oxygen. The degree to which it impacts you and what symptoms you have will depend on your personal body chemistry. Here are some of the Negetive Effects of altitude on the body:

  1. Your Vo2 Max will drop 7% for every 1000 meters of elevation. 
  2. Headaches prior to acclimitization
  3. Reduced power output

Some of the positive effects of living and/or training at altitude are:

  1. Increased efficiency of the use of oxygen by the muscles
  2. Increased red blood cell count
  3. Increased performance at sea level



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