San Juan Climb Strava Segment located in Phoenix AZ with 1% climb grade for 2.5 miles

The San Juan Climb Segment located in Phoenix, AZ

The San Juan Climb segment is located in Phoenix, AZ and is a part of the Strava cycling app. It is a 1 climb category with an average grade of 2.5%. The distance is 4993.7 meters and the elevation difference is 126.5 meters.

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The San Juan Climb Segment: A Phoenix, AZ Hot Spot

The San Juan Climb segment, located in Phoenix, AZ, is a popular spot for cyclists. The segment has a climb category of 1, an average grade of 2.5%, a distance of 4993.7 meters, and an elevation difference of 126.5 meters. The segment is considered to be one of the more challenging in the area, but also one of the most rewarding.

The segment is situated in a beautiful area of the city, and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The challenge of the segment is what attracts many cyclists to it, as it is a great way to test their skills and endurance.

Whether you are a local cyclist looking for a new challenge, or a visitor to the area looking to explore, the San Juan Climb segment is definitely worth checking out!

The San Juan Climb segment is a great climb for anyone looking for a challenge in the Phoenix area. With a climb category of 1 and an average grade of 2.5%, it is a great segment to test your climbing skills. The segment is 4993.7 meters long with an elevation difference of 126.5 meters, so be sure to be prepared for a long climb. But the views from the top are worth it, so don't forget your camera!

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